Course rules (e.g. grading, attendance, honours)


The course is run as a project, where several deliverables have to be produced (the deliverables are described here). The course grade is a weighted average of the grades for the following assignments:

  • Product Definition: 0%
  • 3 Pitches 9%
  • Market Plan and Customer Validation: 15%
  • Prototype and Specifications: 25%
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP): 30%
  • Business Plan: 20%
  • End Review: 0%
  • Spin-out Plan: 1%

Any activity graded below 6 is to be repeated.

At the end the product idea, MVP and business plan are presented to an external Board of Supervisors, which will judge the proposals for business feasibility. Their judgement will be additional input for our grades.


Please pay attention that we will be working in the lab or following classes for the full hours of the course, i.e., 20 hours per week. Students are obliged to attend all lectures, but you will find yourself drawn by the course without much effort. Please be sure to plan your part-time jobs to start later than 17:00 on all class days.


This course can be finished with honours. We will grant the honours to students willing to adopt the roles of CEO, COO or CMO of Netherware. These roles imply certain duties, such as booking rooms when needed, supporting the guest lecturers, updating the Netherware website, etc. (more information will be provided in the first lectures). We will also grant honours to students showing that they can go beyond the call of duty when it comes to the assignments (good grades are not enough); e.g. find their own expert to support them in the business, participate in an external entrepreneurship contest, attend an entrepreneurship event.