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Starting a Product


You’re all Doomed

Business models for startups


Pitching feedback:

How to write a business plan

Intellectual property

ICT business models

Additional material

We will use many papers and articles during the course. We recommend the following book, available from A-eskwadraat, and the regular bookshops:

  • Michael A. Cusumano: The Business of Software, Free Press, ISBN: 074321580X.

Additionally, we recommend the following resources, structured in categories.

Product Management

  • Brinkkemper, S., Weerd, I. van de, Saeki, M., Versendaal, J. (2008). Process improvement in requirements management: a method engineering approach. Proceedings of the 13th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ’08), LNCS 5025, 6-22. [pdf]
  • Weerd, I. van de, Weerd, S. de, Brinkkemper, S. (2007). Method comparison: A case study in game production methods. Proceedings of the IFIP WG 8.1 Working Conference on Situational Method Engineering: Fundamentals and Experiences, IFIP Volume 244, 313-327.
  • Weerd, I. van de, Brinkkemper, S., Nieuwenhuis, R., Versendaal, J., Bijlsma, L. (2006). Towards a Reference Framework for Software Product Management.Proceedings of the 14th International Requirements Engineering Conference, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, 312-315. [pdf]

Software Ecosystems

  • Jansen, S., Brinkkemper, S., Hunink, I., Demir, C., (2008). Pragmatic and Opportunistic Reuse in Two Innovative Start-up Companies. IEEE Software, Special Issue on Opportunistic Software Systems Development, November/December 2008.
  • Slinger Jansen, Sjaak Brinkkemper, and Anthony Finkelstein, Component Reuse Mechanisms and Relationships in a Software Supply Network – 15th International Annual EurOMA Conference – Special Interest Session on Software Supply Chains – 2008
  • Sjaak Brinkkemper, Ivo van Soest, and Slinger Jansen. Modeling of product software businesses: Investigation into industry product and channel typologies. In The Inter-Networked World: ISD Theory, Practice, and Education, proceedings of the Sixteenth International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD 2007). Springer-verlag, 2007.

Product Delivery

  • Jansen, S., Brinkkemper, S., and Helms, R.W. (2008). Benchmarking the Customer Configuration Updating Practices of Product Software Vendors. In Proceedings of the Seventh international Conference on Composition-Based Software Systems, IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, pp. 82-91.
  • Slinger Jansen and Sjaak Brinkkemper. Definition and Validation of the Key Process Areas of Release, Delivery and Deployment of Product Software Vendors: turning the ugly duckling into a swan, proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM2006, Scientific track), Philadelphia, PA, USA, September, 2006.


  • Why startups fail and what you can do about it (pdf)
  • Dharmesh Shah, On Startups: Patterns and Practices of Contemporary Software Entrepreneurs, Msc Thesis MIT (pdf)

Business Model Development

  • Ruud Kuiperi, A Method for Business Model Development in Web Startups (pdf)
  • Joris Witte, Slinger Jansen, Uncovering Requirements of SaaS Project Management Tools in ICT Startups using Virtual Teams (pdf)

Fun Books on Entrepreneurship

  • The Four Steps to the Epiphany – Successful Strategies for Products that Win door Steven Gary Blank.
  • And a movie of the author S.G. Blank:
  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Fun stuff on entrepreneurship

There are some pretty good talks about startup related topics in this video lecture collection from Stanford: