ICT-Entrepreneurship is the incubator course for entrepreneuring students within Utrecht University. Over the course of 10 weeks students develop, in teams of 2-4 students, a start-up. The course is an experience course in that there are formal learning goals, but these are achieved in many dynamic, exciting, and non-traditional ways.

The course actually also has a front-facing web site at http://www.netherware.nl.

This page will be used for announcements and latest news regarding the course ICT Entrepreneurship.

After this course the student should:

  • know what developing a software product entails
  • be able to work with the scientific theories of product software
  • understand how academic results can be turned into successful businesses
  • be able to validate potential business ideas, i.e., use lean innovation and be able to pivot
  • be able to define success metrics and adjust business plans accordingly
    concisely present a business plan or idea, in the form of pitches and SlideDoc presentations
  • be able to rapidly develop a minimum viable product

A software product is defined as a packaged configuration of software components or a software-based service with auxiliary materials, which is released for and traded in a specific market.
In this course the creation, production and organization of product software will be discussed and elaborated in depth:

  • Requirements management: prioritization for releases, tracing en tracking, scope management
  • Architecture and design: variability, product architectures, internationalization, platforms, localization and customization
  • Development methods: prototyping, realization and maintenance, testing, configuration management, delivery; development teams
  • Knowledge management: web-based knowledge infrastructures,
  • Protection of intellectual property: NDA, Software Patents
  • Organization of a product software company: business functions, financing, venture capital, partnering, business plan, product/service trade-off, diversification

This course is run in the virtual software company Netherware. The students form teams around their own product idea, and produce a design and a prototype of the product or service. The students also play a horizontal role in Netherware: Finance, Project Office, Human Resource Management, Technology, Marketing, and Investor Relations.
The Netherware company is running during 12 hours of the week; 6 each Wednesday and Friday. In this time the following activities take place:

  • Lectures on ICT entrepreneurship topics
  • Work on deliverables, product, or service
  • Workshop with participatory knowledge transfer
  • Progress meetings of the product teams
  • Horizontal role activities
  • Reporting to the Netherware management
  • Presentations of Netherlands entrepreneurs in product software

Have fun!